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Drop Shape Analyzer

DSA Inkjet (s01)

Analyzing jetted drops for precision printing

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Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA Inkjet for precision printing
Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA Inkjet for precision printing

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Drop Shape Analyzer DSA Inkjet for measurements of drops from Inkjet printheads in flight, consisting of:


  • FM3801 Instrument frame including - illumination system with two color high intensity LEDs - CF04C High Resolution and High Speed Color Camera USB 3.0 - CM3230 Optical system with manual zoom (6.5x) - automatic continuous calibration system - printhead drive electronics for supported printheads
  • CM3810 10x Microscope Objective for CM3230
  • NM3801 Printhead positioning system
  • PA3801 Nozzle plate observation optics including camera
  • PA3802 Ink suction device to be connected to lab vacuum system
  • PA3803 Ink cartridge holder
  • DA3801 Adapter for RICOH printheads MH5420/5440, MH5421/5441, MH5220
  • SP3801 UV protection capsules
  • SP3802 Ink collection tray
  • SP02 Cleanness Kit
  • CP3801 Reference tool
  • KA3801 Trigger cable
  • EM11 Power supply (88-264 V, 100 W, 50-60 Hz)


➤ Software module AD3801 is included. Installation and training are not included.

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