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Dynamic Foam Analyzer

DFA100 (r03)

The universal instrument for all aspects of liquid foam | Condition: Good

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Refurbished at the KRÜSS headquarters

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Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100 for foamability and foam stabilitys
Condition: Good


      The instrument shows clear signs of use, e.g., noticeable scratches, visible paint abrasion, or minor impact marks.
  It is quality-approved and warrantied for 12 months. 
Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100 for foamability and foam stabilitys

Extend of delivery

Dynamic Foam Analyzer - DFA100 to measure foamability of liquids as well as stability and drainage of liquid foams, flexible measurement setup and fully automatic measuring process


Extent of delivery of basic instrument:


  • line sensor and LED array  

  • software-controlled gas supply (enables use of an external gas source with PA4530)  

  • sample holder for sparging gas (SH4511) incl. 2 O-rings (like FI4531)  

  • sample holder for mounting glass column and agitator (SH4512) to foam the sample with standard agitator blade (SR4501) 

  • glass column (CY4501) with cleaning brush  

  • filter plate in filter plate holder (FL4533)  

  • 10 disposable syringes (like SY4501) and needle (NE4511)  

  • PC cable (USB)  

  • mains cable  

  • manual  


➤ Installation and training are not included.

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