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Drop Shape Analyzer

DSA25E (r01)

From one-click wettability measurement to analysis of solid-liquid adhesion | Condition: Good

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Refurbished at the KRÜSS headquarters

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Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25E for wettability measurement and adhesion
Condition: Good


      The instrument shows clear signs of use, e.g., noticeable scratches, visible paint abrasion, or minor impact marks.
  It is quality-approved and warrantied for 12 months. 
Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25E for wettability measurement and adhesion

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DSA25 Expert / Drop Shape Analyzer for contact angle measurements, surface and interfacial tension measurements, surface free energy calculation, consisting of:


  • CF04, High Resolution and High Speed Camera USB 3.0,  consisting of: - Sensor 11 x 7 mm / 1/1.2'' CMOS - IR-CUT filter for elimination of optical disturbances - 160 fps (1200 x 1200 pixels), 320 fps (1200 x 600 pixels), 600 fps (1200 x 300 pixels), 1440 fps (1200 x 100 pixels), 2300 fps (1200 x 50 pixels)
  • CM4210, Optical system with manual zoom (6.5 x) and fine focus, Field of view CF04: 3.2 x 3.2 ... 18.5 x 18.5 mm
  • 1x DO4011, Syringe Dosing, software-controlled for disposable and glass syringes, incl. disposable syringe like SY3601, glass syringes SY20 and needle set NE94 Resolution: 0.1 µl with SY20, Dosing rate: 0,02 -25 µl/s with SY20
  • 1x DO3252, Pressure Dosing using Liquid Needle technology, resolution 0,1 µl, for H2O and CH2I2
  • NM4012, Needle Lift and Selector for up to 2 liquids, manual
  • EM3201, Electronic Module
  • PS4000, z-Axis, manual with flexible positioning in x/y-direction with 45 mm movement in z-direction, up to 5 kg
  • ST3201, Sample Stage, 100 x 100 mm (W x D)
  • IL4220, High Power LED Illumination, monochromatic, Ø 42 mm, with two power levels and integrated light-blind for small contact angles
  • EM3285, Electronic Module with two connectors for temperature sensors Pt100
  • FM4000, Standard Frame: Sample space: 320 x oo x 165 mm (W x D x H) Outer dimensions: 610 x 250 x 430 mm (W x D x H) (depending on accessories)
  • EM4225, Base Electronic Module, incl. PC Interface to connect additional electronic modules
  • EM11, Power Supply (88-264 V, 100 W, 50-60 Hz)


Operating: + 10°C ... + 40°C without condensation Storage:     - 10°C ... + 70°C without condensation


➤ Software modules AD4021, AD4032 and AD4023 are included. Installation and training are not included.

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